Rent a Seat Ibiza ECO in Esplugues, Barcelona

TGI vehicles are the ECO mobility alternative, with which you can save fuel while reducing emissions and therefore improving air quality.

ECO cars are vehicles that combine gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG), which achieves savings of up to 30% compared to a gasoline engine.

Alternative ECO Seat

As for ECO engines, SEAT IBIZA is one of the best options you can choose when renting a car on one of your trips to Barcelona. Due to gas savings and reduced emissions, many cities with high vehicle traffic, such as Barcelona, ​​are allowing this type of car to circulate in them during periods of heavy pollution. You will also contribute to reducing the strong environmental impact that only gasoline and diesel cars cause in cities.

The ECO alternative is today the cheapest and most ecological option for traveling.

Renting a SEAT Ibiza ECO in Barcelona will also allow you to reduce expenses on your trip, since the price of filling the CNG tank is much lower than when refueling any other fuel.

Kia Renting 12 Months

Rent a Seat Ibiza ECO and Reduce Expenses


¿Are the ECO Vehicles Recommended For Traveling?


Rent Seat Ibiza ECO To Travel

SEAT’s TGI hybrid combines the two types of fuel: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Gasoline. CNG is the same gas that we use at home, but compressed to 1% of its volume.

The engine of this car prioritizes CNG gas and switches to gasoline when it needs it.

Yes, its use is 100% reliable, thanks to the safety valve that guarantees that the system is hermetic at all times.


¿Where to Refuel Natural Gas?


Where to Refuel A Seat Ibiza ECO

More and more places to refuel.

You can continue to refuel gasoline in the usual service stations, and for gas, the number of stations is increasing every day.

There are currently 89 operating natural gas stations in Spain and 12 in Portugal. You can check them on the maps below.




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Within the Maas Group, with more than 50 years of experience in the automotive sector, Maas rent a car offers rental services including various solutions to adapt to the needs of each client:

  • Car rental, SUV, 4×4 (automatic & manual)
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  • Supply to professionals in the sector (fleets of car rental companies)

In this way Grupo Maas manages to provide mobility solutions to its clients in an integral way, and with all its associated services.

Proximity to the client. Grupo Maas has 12 facilities to manage deliveries & collections of vehicles that cover practically the entire province of Barcelona (Anoia, Bages, Baix Llobregat, Valles Oriental and Valles Occidental).

Specialists. We bring the knowledge and professionalism of a team made up of more than 300 people to manage your needs.

Personalized. Consult with our commercial advisor to help you find the mobility solution that best suits your needs.

Quality. The Maas rent a car fleet is permanently renewed and can offer a wide range of models. All vehicles include preventive maintenance according to manufacturer specifications.



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