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Frequent Answers and Questions


¿ What is needed to make a booking?


To create a booking you need three bastic documents in force :

1. National Identity Document / Passport

2. Driving Licence

3. Credit Card

¿How to create a booking?


You can make a reservation in our website, also you can contact with us at following pone number: +34 249 20 64, or by email: or visiting our office.


¿How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

Your reservation will be confirmed once the payment has done through the website or if one of our agents has communicated you through any contact way. Reservations will be confirmed once an amount part or total amount of the final Price has been payed.

¿How many time before can I do the booking?


There is no established time but we recommend you do the booking with enough advance to benefit about discounts and most echonomic prices.


¿Can I book a rental car during one month or more?


En Maas Rent a Car you can book the car all time what you need it, we have different contract modalities , from one day to Renting and Autorenting contract. To made a personalized quote we recommend you contact with us calling at 93 249 20 64 or through email:


¿Can I book an specific kind of car ?


We do not guarantee a specific vehicle, we guarantee a category


¿Can I change my booking?


You can change the booking without any problem more than 72 hours before the vehicle is collected. In the case of modifications for less than 72 hours in advance, a charge will be claimed for booking management charge. Recommend you to call us at our office: 93 249 20 64 o or through our email:


¿Can I Cancel my booking?


You can cancel the booking in advance 72hrs before . If you cancel your reservation less than 72hrs in advance, you will be charged a penalty of 29.99€.


¿How can I change my booking?


Through our website , calling at +34 249 20 64, by email: o visitando nuestras oficinas.


¿ What documentation I need to complete my booking?


Your details as a driver or tenant, your phone number and email must.


¿Must I pay at the time of booking?


You can pay at the office, at time of car hirement. If you do the booking online you don’t have to pay before.


¿I don’t have credit card, can I booking on a different way?


It is necessary a credit card where we bloqued the bail.


¿Which is the máximum period of time of hirement?


Depends on hirement contract, there are different contract modalities,


¿Can I booking a car for hours?


You can book the car as long as you need. But the lowest amount to pay is for 24 hours.


¿Can I book a car for months?


Yes, up to 85 days.


¿How Can I made a booking for long time ?


You should contact with us and we explain you terms and conditions.


¿Which is the mínimum to hire a car ?


18 years old.


¿Can I take pets?


NO. Is it totally forbidden for hygiene topics.


¿Can I change the duration of the booking afer hire the car ?


Yes, you can contact with us through +34 93 249 20 64 number or by email:


¿ What is a promotional code number?


¡A code that let you benefit of a promotion!


¿Are the offers valid for any time ?


The offers has an start and finish date. Are valid when the booking is confirmed during the value period time.


¿What is the necessary documents for booking at Maas?


To do a booking tou need 3 basic documents in force:
1. National Identity Document / Passport
2. Driving Licence
3. Credit Card


¿Can I pick up the car if some documents are missed?


Three documents are needed at pick up timing , in the case of holding a temporary movement permit, it must be officially certified.


¿Can I booking a car with International Driving Licence?


International licence must go joined with local licence , one is not the alternative of the other one.
The adress of the Identity Document is not updated.


¿Can I hire a car?


Yes , but you must have to communicate us the right adress at the picking up time.


¿Which type of car are in Maas Rent a Car?


In Maas you will find a different variety of cars , from utility, intermediate, 4 x 4 and industrial. Our fleet are Young and new. é antigüedad tienen los coches de Maas.


¿Can I choose the fuel of the car in Maas Rent a Car?


Maas does not guarantee the type of fuel, you can leave us your comments when making the reservation and we will try to do our best to meet your needs.


¿Do you rent commercial vehicles?


We have commercial vehicles of different dimensions at your disposal. For more information we recommend that you visit the section “Rental of vans”, on our website where you will find more details about the features and the measurements.


¿Can I look for an specific fleet? How Can I filter my search?


In Rent a Car section appears available all our cars for groups, also there are a section of Van Renting. You can filter the search by selecting the type of vehicle you need or searching our search engine.


¿There are manual and automatic cars in Maas?


We have manual and automatic cars, in the case that you want an specific one you will have to choose the automatic or manual category”. We recomend you that you specify it in the booking remarks.


¿What a kind of car is? Why is important to know it?


Cars are divided by categories or groups according to its characteristics.


¿What does “O SIMILAR” means?


Inside a group or category there may be different types of vehicles, of different brands but the main characteristics are similar to each other. When you make a reservation, you reserve a category, not a specific car, you can always send us a comment when making the booking in case you have a specific preference and we will try to consider.


¿May I booking an elevator or babyseat ?


In order to be able to guarantee the availability of these extras, we recommend that you make a booking or notify us as much in advance as possible. If there is no prior reservation of the device, we cannot guarantee availability when you come to pick up the vehicle.


¿Can I take my own baby seat or elevator?


You can take your own without any problem.


¿ Can I count on your help with the placement of the Extras?


Of course, we are here to help you however you must check the suitability, use and placement on the vehicle. Maas does not assume responsibility for failure to use or improper installation of the restraint device.


¿Can I add an extra driver?


¡Of course!, you can add an extra driver when do the booking, when you come to pick up the vehicle from our office or during the rental period. Remember that with Maas Rent a Car the second driver has no additional cost.


¿It has any extra cost an additional Young driver?


It is considered Young driver ” those people that has less than 23 years old. For this reason you will have to pay an extra amount that will vary according to the days of rent. For more information, check the [Additional Charges section”.


¿ It is possible to have a personalized car delivery?


It is possible as long as it is confirmed with the office.


¿ I can rent a GPS/ Navigation system in your offices?


Yes, we have rental navigation systems for our clients


¿ I can rent snow chains?


Yes, as long as a prior booking is made in advance. Otherwise we cannot ensure that we have them available at the time of collection of the vehicle


¿Should I bring my credit card?


The person who owns the credit card must always be present at our offices together with your valid National Identity Card or Passport. The same card will be requested with which the booking was paid through the website to block the deposit.


¿Which type of credit card are accepted?


Visa and Mastercard.


¿Can I pay for someone else?


You can pay for another person as long as he is present at the picking up time or have previously passed by the office to make payment along with the requested documents.


¿ It is possible to pay in cash or debit card?


The rent and the diposit must be paid by credit card


¿When car renta is payed?


All payments will be made in advance, except for extras that may arise during the rental period as the additional fuel or day should you make an extension of the contract by phone or email.


¿ When car deposit is blocked?


Once go to pick up the car at the office.


¿ How much is blocked on my credit card when renting a car?


Depending on the excess coverage of the vehicle, minimum will be 150€ up to 900 € for higher categories.


¿ I can leave the deposit in cash?


Cash deposits in cash are not accepted.


¿ I can travel to the Islands with the car Maas?


For safety reasons, it is forbidden to travel by car to the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. The car cannot travel by boat or ferry.


¿ I can travel around Europe with the car Maas?


There are restrictions on certain countries, we recommend that you read carefully the rental conditions


¿ I can leave the EU with the car Maas?


For security reasons, leaving the EU is strictly forbidden.


¿ Change coverage conditions abroad?


With Maas you have travel assistance in Europe but take into account existing restrictions by consulting rental guidelines.


¿ I need an International Driver’s License to drive abroad?


You should consult the information of the country where you are going to travel specifically, in the majority of countries with the Spanish permission, is sufficient, however we recommend that you be informed beforehand if you need an international permit.


¿ You can provide me winter tires to drive abroad?


We do not provide winter tires, during the winter stage we offer snow chains.


¿ What would happen if I returned the car without fuel?


In Maas we don’t do business with fuel. We would refuel the vehicle and the relevant liters would be charged as part of an additional refueling charge, you can refer to the section on { additional charges}.

¿ My car is fueled to pick up?


Your car is refueled when you pick it up.


¿ What kind of fuel my car carries?


The fuel depends on the rented vehicle, being it Diesel or Gasoline. We will advise you of the type of fuel once you receive the car in our office.


¿ How many kilometers can I do with my car Maas a day?


We offer a minimum of 150 km a day and a maximum of 250 km, depending on the vehicle.


¿ How many kilometers maximum I can do per month?


Depending on the vehicle you rent, we advise you to check with the office beforehand to confirm.


¿ What is the cost of excess mileage?


It depends on the model / category. You can find more information in the List of Additional Charges section.


¿ What basic coverage the car has with just the rental price?


We offer a minimum of 150 km a day and a maximum of 250 km, depending on the vehicle.


¿ How many kilometers maximum I can do per month?


Depending on the vehicle you rent, we advise you to check with the office beforehand to confirm.


¿ What is the cost of excess mileage?


It depends on the model / category. You can find more information in the List of Additional Charges section.


¿ What basic coverage the car has with just the rental price?


We offer third-party coverage and Excess full-risk coverage, which will depend on the vehicle model selected.


¿ What type of coverages can I hire for my rental car?


There are several types of coverage:
• Super Cover, reduces the excess up to 0€ or 250€, depending on the type of vehicle. Wheels and crystals are not covered by contracting this coverage.
• Total Relax : It reduces the excess up to 0€ or 250€, depending on the type of vehicle. Wheels and crystals are covered by contracting this coverage.
• Wheels and glasses: Its allows cover this parts of the car.


¿ There is Road Assistance included in my car rental with Maas?


Maas includes road assistance in all EU Member States.


¿What an Excess is?


A limit of liability in case of damage to the vehicle.


¿How can I reduce the Excess?


Hiring any of the two coverages.


¿ If someone steal my car, I have my belongings covered?


Maas is not responsible for any belongings that may be inside the vehicle, we recommend, for greater safety, to leave the car without any items inside once it is evicted.


¿Can I request delivery of the car at home or on a specific place?


Maas Rent a Car makes home deliveries within the metropolitan area of Barcelona, always under prior confirmation with a minimum of 48 hours notice.


¿ How can I book the custom delivery?


Contact us at: +34 93249 2064 or by email:


¿ Is necessary to be present at the delivery or pick up of the car?


It is necessary to be present at the time of delivery of the vehicle. Whether you are a tenant or a driver, you must present the documents in order to rent the vehicle. The return only requires the driver to be present, since the deposit will be returned automatically.


¿ The car group I have booked is not available. What options do I have?


If the booked and previously paid vehicle group is not available, Maas Rent a Car will give you a higher category.


¿ What may I do if I am not satisfied with the status of the rental car booked?


To communicate it before the departure of the office in order to be able to review it with the staff of Maas Rent a Car and, if necessary, to make a change of vehicle or to take the necessary measures so that you leave with the same


¿ What can I do if I see any damage in the rental car?


The car must be checked at the pick-up, if it finds any damage, you must inform the staff of Maas Rent a Car for the record. If it has occurred subsequently, it shall notify the Commission in the same way in the course of the refund.


¿ I can switch to a higher-end car in the delivery of the car?


Whenever there is availability, Maas staff will offer you different options at the time of delivery of the vehicle. Maas will offer you If you have any preference, do not hesitate to contact us! We will do our best to ensure that you take your car with you.

Maas rent a car


Within the Maas Group, with more than 50 years of experience in the automobile sector, Maas rent a car offers rental services including various solutions to adapt to the needs of each client:

  • Car rental, SUV, 4x4 (automatic & manual)
  • Rental of industrial vehicles (Vans)
  • Supply to professionals in the sector (fleets of car rental companies)

In this way, Grupo Maas manages to provide mobility solutions to its clients in an integral way, and with all its associated services.

Customer proximity. More then 30 facilities.

Specialists We provide the knowledge and professionalism of a team formed by more than 300 people to manage your needs.

Personalized. Consult with our commercial advisor to help you find the mobility solution that best suits your needs.

Quality. The Maas rent a car fleet is permanently renewed and can offer a wide range of models. All vehicles include preventive maintenance according to the manufacturer's specifications.

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