The metropolitan area of Barcelona continues with its plans to
improve air quality that provide traffic restrictions to access the area of Low
Emissions in Barcelona during the next years from 2020.

The most polluting vehicles banned from January 1, 2020 may circulate
in the prohibited area up to ten times a year.

Every time cars without an environmental label of the DGT want
to enter the perimeter against pollution delimited by the rounds of Barcelona,
they must process an authorization and pay a fee of 2 euros.

Those who fail to comply with it will be exposed to the fine of
200 euros that will be received by all the drivers that circulate in the city
with diesel cars registered before 2006 and gasoline before 2000 from Monday to
Friday between 7am and 20pm.

A system of sanctions is foreseen that can reach fines of more
than one thousand euros.

Needy families who own vehicles with prohibited access to the
low emission zone will have 10 days of authorized access, but the price to pay
will be cheaper.

Vehicles of people with reduced mobility, medical services,
funeral homes, firefighters, police and security forces will be exempt from the
fee, although they must be registered in the new metropolitan registry so that
the license plate cameras detect that this vehicle is one of the exempt and not

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